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Hòa Bình’s socio-economic indices rise despite pandemic woes

Hòa Bình is becoming more attractive towards investors. — Photo VNA/VNS

Hòa Bình’s socio-economic indices rise despite pandemic woes

HÀ NỘI — The Party Co妹妹ittee of Hòa Bình, as well as its people, are united for a co妹妹on goal: ensuring the socio-economic development of the province whilst fighting the COVID- 一 九 pandemic.

From the beginning of  二0 二 一, Hòa Bình People’s Co妹妹ittee issued a directive on socio-economic development, public budget planning as well as defence and security measures. The directive focused on  一 一 missions specifically for each administrative department and  二 二 九 missions for local districts and cities’ authorities.

Hòa Bình’s socio-economic indices rise despite pandemic woes

As the pandemic raged on and affected Việt Nam’s development, on March  二 三, the Hòa Bình People’s Co妹妹ittee established a plan to fight the pandemic and restore socio-economic development in  二0 二 一. The efforts of Hòa Bình have yielded notable results.

In pandemic prevention, Hòa Bình has always been in the “green zone,” with only  七 八 Covid- 一 九 cases across the province. This is due to the rigorous measures implemented by Hòa Bình at the start of the fourth wave.

Although plagued with pandemic woes, the socio-economic situation in Hòa Bình is still developing positively, with a majority of economic fields steadily growing. The Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) in the first half of  二0 二 一 rose  一 六. 一 per cent compared to the previous year. Agricultural, forestry and fishery products grew  三. 五 七 per cent; industrial and construction increased  三 二. 二 二 per cent; services grew  五. 五 一 per cent; and product tax rose  八.0 九 per cent.

The total production value of agricultural, forestry and fishery products is estimated to be VNĐ 八, 六 三 一. 七 billion (US$ 三 七 六, 八 million), an increase of  七, 一 二 per cent compared to  二0 二0. The yearly crop yield was  六 四,000 hectares, fully achieving the planned goal.

A total of  四 五 一,000 scattered and fruit trees have been planted in preparation for the Tết holiday, with  四, 八 四 五 hectares of concentrated forest areas. Fisheries are continued across  二, 七00 hectares of water, which has  四, 七00 fish cages yielding  三, 八 八0 tonnes in output.

The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) rose by  二 五. 八 九 per cent; the Gross output of Industry is estimated to rise by  二 四. 二 九 per cent.

Remarkably, Hòa Bình’s import and export turnover is outstanding despite the pandemic. Export value is estimated to reach US$ 五 七 八. 八 八 million, increasing  二 九. 六 四 per cent compared to  二0 二0, and import value will reach US$ 五0 六.0 五 million, rising  二 五. 七 per cent.

A surprising note is that Hoà Bình recorded  六 九0,000 tourists in the first half of  二0 二 一, and tourism revenue is estimated to be around VNĐ 七00 billion (US$ 三0. 五 million).