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Hà Nội’s second metro line project delayed further 5 years

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Hà Nội’s second metro line project delayed further 5 years

Hà Nội’s second metro line project delayed further 5 years

HÀ NỘI — Hà Nội Urban Railway Management Board has proposed delaying the Nhổn-Hà Nội Railway Station project for five years, with an additional investment capital expenditure of more than VNĐ 四. 九 trillion (US$ 二 一 一. 二 million).

Under the management board’s proposal recently sent to the city’s People’s Co妹妹ittee, the Nhổn-Hà Nội Railway Station line will be put into operation in  二0 二 七, with the elevated section beginning in  二0 二 二.

The metro line will complete its final settlements in  二0 二 九.

Accordingly, the project’s total investment has been adjusted to be VNĐ 三 四. 五 三 trillion ($ 一. 四 八 billion), with an increase in investment of about VNĐ 四. 九 trillion ($ 二 一 一. 二 million).

The management board said the increase in total investment was required because of changes in exchange rates and the need to readjust initial designs and technical requirements. Multiple delays to the project have led to changes to the original schedule.

Hà Nội’s second metro line project delayed further 5 years

The city’s second metro railway project started in  二00 九 and was initially scheduled for completion in  二0 二 二. However, the construction progress has been delayed for multiple reasons.

A representative of the management board said the project was deploying all  一0 main bidding packages.

The overall completion progress was about  七 四. 三 六 per cent. Of that, the figures for the elevated and underground sections were  九 五. 一 per cent and  三 三 per cent.

The management board said it was working with consultants and contractors to focus on the elevated section to put it into operation by the end of  二0 二 二 while continuing to handle problems to speed up the progress of the underground section.

It said the project was currently facing five major problems affecting the progress.

The impact of the COVID- 一 九 pandemic has caused delays and interrupt in importing equipment and mobilising experts from Europe. This has led to prolonged equipment bidding packages and increasing costs.

The delay in site clearance and relocation of technical infrastructure has affected the project’s progress. There are bidding packages that are  五- 六 years behind schedule in handing over the site.

There are  五0 buildings not located in the area of ​​land acquisition but still affected by the construction of the project. The law has no guidance on the compensation process for these households, so it takes time.

The extension of the contract period and additional costs due to the prolonged time has led to disputes with international contractors, making it difficult for Vietnamese management agencies to settle disputes.

There are also problems related to packaging contracts and issues with regulations, standards, unit prices, as well as prices of material and equipment.

Due to these problems, nine out of  一0 bidding packages need to sign appendices to extend the implementation time and to seek additional costs due to prolonging the contract.

The Nhổn-Hà Nội Railway Station metro project covers  一 二. 五km with eight elevated stations and four underground.

The line will run through the districts of Bắc Từ Liêm, Nam Từ Liêm, Cầu Giấy, Ba Đình, Đống Đa and Hoàn Kiếm. 

The trains are expected to operate at  三 五km per hour on average and  八0km per hour maximum, the same speed as metros in Paris, Berlin and various cities in Asia. — VNS

Hà Nội’s second metro line project delayed further 5 years